Is there a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

Jun 27, 2022

There are many so many tales and stories to be found on this topic. Especially in Celtic folklore…. About Vikings, Norse warriors, Brian Boru and Leprechauns and the tales become even more magical as the night goes on, sitting around a warm fire....

The story I like the most is the one, a wise old teacher told me when I was a boy but it is only now that I am coming to appreciate the deeper wisdom he was teaching me.

 He said imagine, in that deep voice of his; "one end of the rainbow is where you are now in your life and the other end is your past. Specifically a point in time where you had a difficult or challenging experience. If you can revisit that moment in time and find the learning or gift in it, you may have found a treasure worth more than a pot of gold…."

Whenever you see a rainbow ask yourself are you connected to the wisdom or is it a reminder that you might have more healing to do… you will know the answer to that, he said with a smile."

before he disappeared.

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